06.06.2011 | Sustainability

Which wealth for which sustainability?

For centuries, the question of wealth has been discussed by European and American economists in relation to the theme of the individual “good life”. Today, the issue of wealth, reconsidered under the perspectives of sustainability, is related to the question of what it means to “live well, together.” Von Sacha Kagan, Lüneburg (D).

Foto: © Petra Hegewald / PIXELIO

08.02.2011 | Artistic Project

Violentine’s Day Celebration

In February 14th 2011, a group of students from the Geneva University of Art and Design, CCC master department (Critical Cross Cultural Cybermedia), independent artists from different countries and people from different fields, are collaborating under the multidisciplinary artistic project Violentine’s Day. This project will question the Valentine Day celebration and will debate its consequences. By Melano Sokhadze, Geneva (CH)

01.11.2010 | RUHR.2010: An art-project

How to transform a non-place into a totem

In August 2010 a group of institutions (e.g. Wuppertal Institute, ecosign, Folkwang University of the Arts) organised the 2nd Sustainable Summer School in Jüchen (Germany). The participants were 20 design students from different countries. At the so called "Evening Talks" they met personalities, who apply in a creative way the guiding idea of sustainability in their work. The first Talk was with two artists, who realised an innovative project in the disadvantaged periphery of Hagen, a city of the Ruhr Basin. By Davide Brocchi, Cologne (D)

Foto: © www.sehnsuchtnachebene2.de

20.10.2010 | Dancing, Debating, Diversity Dérive

On the Way to a Literacy of Complexity

To have a chance at creating a sustainable future we need to expand our ways of thinking and make room for the complexities of this amazing, contradictory, delightful and difficult reality we call home. The first ASSiST summer school brought together thirty artists and scientists from around the world to explore how we might do that. As it turned out, a lot of the good juice happened outside of the program... - by Lucy Ridsdale, Fremantle (Western Australia).

15.07.2010 | Social activism

The unusual trajectory of a Pakistani artist

The unusual trajectory of a Pakistani artist

The Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer depicts his country's social and political history in his paintings, and he experiences the social realities of Pakistan, by walking... Walking and talking with the people encountered, on the middle of the road. By David Knaute, Karachi (Pakistan)

Foto: © unknown

15.07.2010 | Arts and Sciences for Sustainability

Steps to an Ecology of Art, or A Short Walk to Complexity

How is walking an ecological practice? Walking can make us perceptive and open us up to an ecopraxis, attentive to the complex patterns of life. By David Haley, Manchester (UK)

14.07.2010 | Disappearing Pavements: A Provocation

Diminishing Spaces for Cultural Performances (Courtesy: Pusphpa Achanta)

Diminishing Spaces for Cultural Performances

Which spaces is left for politica-artistic performances and for traditional cultural expressions, on the shrinking pavements of creative cities? Pondering on pavements, the author questions the links between culture and development... By P. Radhika, Bangalore (India)

Foto: © Pusphpa Achanta

31.05.2010 | Sustainable Arts

The Slow Art Collective TS2 exhibition

The TS2 (Transfer Station 2) is a collaborative art installation project focused on creating a model of community-industry cooperation for environmental sustainability. The Slow Art Collective, initiators of the project, exhibited the work at the Incinerator Arts Complex in Melbourne in August-September 2009. Review by Adam Broinowski, Melbourne (AUS).

10.04.2010 | Impressions of the Conference

Creating Cities (© Peter Hebgen - Pixelio)

Creating Cities

The conference “Creating Cities: Culture, Space, and Sustainability” took place from February 25th, 2010 to February 27th, 2010 at the Japan Center of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. By Julia Hahn, Lüneburg (D).

Foto: © Peter Hebgen / PIXELIO

06.01.2010 | Climate Conference in Copenhagen

An American Artist at COP15

For two weeks, ecological artist Aviva Rahmani was active in Copenhagen, both inside and outside the official COP15 conference. In retrospect, she accounts on her experience. Her personal account illustrates some of the difficulties felt by activists and artists who were involved at COP15 in the past month. By Aviva Rahmani, New York (USA)