Schlagwort: Mode

  • Vol. 6: Sustainable fashion

    New Approaches within the Fashion Industries. This volume analyses current developments in the fashion industries related to the debate on the Cultural and Creative Industries. This approach includes the particularities of the debate about social, economic, aesthetic and anthropological aspects and, lastly, the current discursive and practical changes towards the idea of sustainable development. The focus lies on two main aspects. First, the implementation of new sustainable practices within the production sector of the fashion field and second, a mindset change in consumer behavior.

    Rana Öztürk


  • Mode ohne Schadstoffe

    Mode ohne Schadstoffe

    Featured image: Günter_Havlena / PIXELIO

    Auch H&M verzichtet nach Greenpeace-Kampagne auf gefährliche Chemikalien.

    Simone Miller


  • A short tale of fashion and ethical tribes

    A short tale of fashion and ethical tribes

    Featured image: L. Stallknecht / PIXELIO

    How may we evaluate the sustainability of processual, open source, community-based, bottom-up/ P2P projects and initiatives within clothing and fashion, or even broader, within economies of culture? Building on an ‚ethical fashion‘ case, OpenWear, this small reflection will try to provide some lines of thought that might be useful to move ahead with understanding the sustainability of such phenomena better. And, in a broader perspective, provide a bit of food for thought around cultures of sustainability.

    Oleg Koefoed

    Kopenhagen (DK)