Schlagwort: Environment

  • An Interview with Ahmed Nadalian

    Since the 1970’s, Iran has been in a propaganda war with the West. Ahmed Nadalian has been making environmental art there for 15 years. What contradictions confront the environmental artist in an undeniably critical period for the environment, in a country elsewhere occupied?

    Richard Pettifer


  • Vol. 7: An Orange County Almanac

    We need new ways of thinking about issues that affect how we interact with our environment. The authors whose work is collected here make some powerful calls for change. Some make them emotionally and metaphorically; others make them rationally and logically; but all make them passionately. „These essays are fresh, unconstrained and thought-provoking. They bring new, sometimes quirky perspectives to the environmental debate.“ David Pilling. Asia Editor, Financial Times „There’s no single “right” answer to the challenges that we face in the world today. The assembly of citizens gathered in this volume takes strength from its dynamic polyvocality: its attention to more perspectives – and therefore, its access to more possible approaches – than any conventional environmental text could offer.“ Randy Malamud, Professor and Chair of English, Georgia State University Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia is an artist, author and independent scholar and commentator. A self-proclaimed ‚intersectionist‘, he works at the intersection of disciplines „which is where the action happens.“ He is President of, a Member of the Dean’s Advisory Board for the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida International University, has served as Special Advisor to the Director General at IUCN, is a Board Member for the African Rainforest Conservancy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

    J. Zammit-Lucia

    Florida (USA)