20.10.2010 | Dancing, Debating, Diversity Dérive

On the Way to a Literacy of Complexity

To have a chance at creating a sustainable future we need to expand our ways of thinking and make room for the complexities of this amazing, contradictory, delightful and difficult reality we call home. The first ASSiST summer school brought together thirty artists and scientists from around the world to explore how we might do that. As it turned out, a lot of the good juice happened outside of the program... - by Lucy Ridsdale, Fremantle (Western Australia).

01.08.2007 | Connections

Art and Science

"Logic brings you from A to B, Imagination brings you anywhere" (Albert Einstein). Hans Dieleman takes on the quote and describes the borders of science. Science doesn't manage to describe things as a whole and explanations collide with the boundaries of the disciplines. Science and politics need art, to grow beyond their horizons. Von Hans Dieleman, Mexico City (MX).